October 11-14, 2015

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Waiting in line for Jason of China Focus.

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On the Plane

It's my first ride on a Boeing 777. Quiet, smooth, and the vegetarian meal wasn't bad.

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Twelve-Hour Ride

Just about the same time to get to Paris from San Francisco. It's only six movies. And we pass the international date line!

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Almost There

Why does the last couple hours seem as long as the 10 hours before? If this map is accurate, those mountains I saw in Alaska might have included McKinley? Also interesting, for those who remember when it wasn't allowed, I'm flying over Russia and People's Republic of China!

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Sheraton Beijing

Only one of the Sheraton Hotels in Beijing, our accommodations are deluxe by any standards. This is our tub.

"I'm not taking a bath in THAT!"
"Why not?"
"It's ROUND!"

And we wonder why international relations are so difficult?

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California King?

Our room is large, as is our bed! It's wider than it is long.

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Move Out!

We slept well, until 2am. At 6:30 we headed down for our free buffet breakfast. Not expecting much, we were shocked to find it was incredible! I had Japanese noodle soup made to order like the noodle shops. I put in too much orange pepper paste that was just as hot as the red pepper paste. Melissa had a western breakfast. I could have also have chosen sushi, several different Chinese choices, or Korean.

At 8:30 we loaded up the bus and headed off for our first day of touring Beijing.

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Excited as a school girl on her first field trip, Melissa is doing great.

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Our Tour Bus

Spacious, clean, air-conditioned and new, our bus and friendly driver were always a welcome sight, especially after a long walk in the warm weather outside.

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Sidewalk Traffic

No tuk-tuks, but lots of little delivery trucks running up and down the sidewalk to avoid the stop-and-go traffic on the road. Our bus driver never hit anything, wending his way through pedestrians, bicycles, mopeds, motorcycles, and cars.