50's Diner (redux)

There through the window
    Were sparkling red barstools,
  Countertops brimming
      With chrome.

Salt pepper shakers,
    Napkin box, straw jars,
  Sugar, spice
      Refuge from home.

Her dress was of satin,
    Red as a cherry,
  His jacket of leather
      And black.

She raised her head slowly
    Led first by her lashes
  He turned to her,
      Ego intact.

She blushed and she smiled
    Her sweet face beguiling
  He walked up beside her
      And loomed.

He wispered an invite
    His lips nearly touching
  Her body devouring
      His spoon.

He rose slowly from her
    And walked to the doorway
  He never looked back,
      Only lured.

He hopped in his hot rod
    And started the engine
  She slid in beside him
      And purred.